Happy Mother’s Day!

We’re excited to launch a new Rock Paper Candy project- Mother’s Day cards! Each card is made with designer paper, hand stamped and embossed embellishments, and lots of love. Currently we are offering Mother’s Day cards – baby shower cards, Father’s Day greetings, and other handmade paper products are in the works. Layered Floral

Cards include matching envelopes and sell for $3.50 each or three cards for $9

It’s Good to be Queen

Turquiose Scallop

Available in pink, white, or black

Tall Flowers

Bluebird Mother’s Day Cards

Interior of Bluebird Cards

Tall Flowers: Pink and White

Layered Floral: Mom or Gandma

Layered Floral: Pink and Light Blue

Bluebird: Grandma

Interior of Bluebird card


Visit our FaceBook page or email rockpapercandyparties@gmail.com to order!

Cards are $3.50 each or three cards for $9


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