About Us

Life is a Celebration! 

Rock Paper Candy is a party and lifestyle blog created by Kate Wetsell. Her partners in crime are  Julie Sullivan and Tanisha Johnson.We are based in central Arkansas and we love to throw parties and make things!

Purple Ombre Rosette Cake by RockPaperCandy

Rock Paper Candy is all about making life a celebration. We want to help you craft something fun and magical that reflects you- whether you need a dozen cupcakes or you want to plan a themed reception for 400 guests! We’ll help you every step of the way from an inventive engagement party, to elegant and personalized wedding invitations, help with wedding planning and decor, a mouth-watering dessert bar at the reception, and then stationery for your new life as a Mrs.

On the other hand- nothing is too small; we can make a beautiful hand made card for any occasion or make  mini desserts for a dinner party of 4. Whatever your needs are we can make your event ROCK!

rock candy

About the Rock Paper Candy Team

Kate at her home


Kate has been baking and planning parties since 1996. She is seriously addicted to Pinterest and believes that a party without cake is just a meeting. Kate is mommy to four-year-old Piper and wife to Micah. She loves polka dots, reading in bed, and having chocolate for breakfast.

Kate’s favorite RPC event was a global themed wedding decorated in magenta, turquoise, emerald-green, and gold. The bridesmaids wore saris and we decorated the church with enough gold Moroccan lanterns, brass Aladdin lamps, and white lace to look like an Arabian Nights fairy tale!

 Currently Kate pays the bills by working as a project coordinator Christian publishing group and spends her free time developing new recipes, crafting, and trying to figure out how to use her camera. She can also be found at katewetsell.com


Julie & Payton


Julie knows how to rock a scarf and scarf some rock candy. She is a lover of outside naps, the internet, and sour skittles. She lives with her husband, Payton, and their two furbabies, Paisley and Crash.Julie is equally at home working on her Mac as she is hiking in the woods. She loves hiking and exploring quiet places in nature. 
Her goal is to eat fruit  and candy at every meal.  Julie works as a graphic designer at a non-profit organization and plans on learning to cook…. someday.  Beware: she will unfriend you if you duck face on FaceBook.

Tanisha Tanisha

Meet Tanisha! She is the newest member of the Rock Paper Candy team and is happy to help create new projects and sample new recipes! She is the mother of two beautiful girls, 5-year-old Madison and 11-month old Brooklyn. Tanisha’s specialty is paper and she makes amazingly layered creations.

She secretly wishes that magic was real and wants to have a magic wand that could work like a glue gun.

When time allows, Tanisha LOVES to cook Mexican and Japanese cuisine; she often brags that she has mastered stir-fry. She also likes to read young adult fiction books, surf Pintrest and watch the latest Disney movies with her girls. She currently works for a non-profit organization where she is a project manager.



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